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 April 9, 2017

2:00 pm, Sunday
Senior Connections, Clanton
Glenn Wills and Forgotten Alabama

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Council votes to allow clean-up of Clanton City Cemetery

Local historian will give lecture on Battle of Ebenezer Church


Mulberry Baptist Church, Known Pastors: 1818-1968
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1818 Rev. James Cockrell
1819 Rev. Wm. Harrod
1823 Rev. Issac Suttle
1828 Rev. Enoch Hayes
1840 Rev. James William
1842 Rev. A. B. Hill
1843 Rev. James Williams
1853 Rev. Wm. L. Cochran
1855 Rev. J. C. Hand
1856 Rev. David M. Loyd
1858 Rev. James McCulloughs
1861 Rev. Wm. L. Cochran
1864 Rev. G. W. Millis
1868 Rev. A. Mullins
1869 Rev. William Lee
1878 Rev. A. G. Rains
1881 Rev. James McCord
1887 Rev. A. E. Burns
1892 Rev. W. J. Ruddick
1893 Rev. J. N. Lowery
1896 Rev. F. M. Woods
1902 Rev. Issac Windsor
1905 Rev. W. H. Connell
1906 Rev. P.G. Maness
1907 Rev. John Mitchell
1909 Rev. S. M. Adams
1911 Rev. Wm. H. Connell
1914 Rev. Horace G. Williams
1916 Rev. R. D. Bevis
1919 Rev. Wm. H. Connell
1920 Rev. Buford Lawrence
1924 Rev. J. W. Mitchell
1927 Rev. Grady G. Williams
1929 Rev. E. C. Perdue

Rev. Gray Williams
1930 Rev. Gardy Williams
1933 Rev. Wallace Cook
1936 Rev. J. S. Holland
1939 Rev. Paul Oden
1942 Rev. Allen Ruff

Rev. W. R. Seymore
1943 Rev. R. W. Stuckey
1949 Rev. James R. Coleman
1950 Rev. J. W. Jones

Rev. Evan S. Johnson
1955 Rev. Evan S. Johnson
1957 Rev. L. B. Lucas
1959 Rev. L. E. Daniel
1961 Rev. Ray Felkins

Rev. Neil Glausier
1962 Rev. Neil Flausier
1964 Rev. M. T. Absher

Source:  A History of Mulberry Baptist Church, 1818-1868 by Ulysses H. Abrams