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Goodwin Family of Maplesville

The Young Goodwin house in Maplesville
(now destroyed)
Photograph courtesy of Joel Atchison
(who is sitting on the porch as a young boy)

Also see the survey of the Goodwin Cemetery
(the cemetery was located next to this house)

Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly, Volume 6, No. 2, Supplement, October 1897. pp 132-139  (This issue is now in the public domain)

Appendix W.

Additional Miscellaneous Notes.

On page 127, at the end of Appendix W., appears the name of Theophilus Goodwin, born in North Carolina and residing in 1818 in Alabama. I has long been known to the compiler of these records that a large Goodwin family was living in Alabama, but, the most persistent requests for information remained unanswered until Mrs. Turner Myrick Goodwin, of Maplesville, Ala, was written to, and from her, from Mrs. Nettie Goodwin Crossland, of East Lake, from Mrs. Gertrude G. Stewart and Col John W. Portis, all of the following data has been obtained.

One account is that this family was living in North Carolina about 1725-'50; that the name of the first ancestor is not now known; that he was twice married, and had by his first wife one son, name unknown, and another son named Young, and a son David by his second wife. The unknown son was the father of Theophilus, born in 1766, and Theophilus, with his uncles, Young and David, they being about his own age, or perhaps David was even younger, went South through South Carolina and Georgia to Alabama. Theophilus married Rebecca Bledsoe, and a daughter Sarah, born in 1803, and who is still living, but from whom no reply has been received, stated years ago that Young Goodwin was her father's own uncle and her mother's own cousin.

Another account, and apparently the more nearly correct, although it does not explain or confirm to the statement of Sarah, daughter of Theophilus, is as follows:

_____ Goodwin resided in Virginia, and had at least two sons: I. _____ married _____, and was the father of Theophilus; ii. Samuel married _____.

_____Goodwin resided in North Carolina; married and had [a] child (perhaps others): Theophilus, born in 1744 married Rebecca Bledsoe.

Theophilus Goodwin was born 1744 in North Carolina; was married to Rebecca Bledsoe. By occupation he was a farmer, in politics a Whig, and in religion a Baptist. He resided in North Carolina, South Carolina, and in Bibb county, Ala. He was a private of the North Carolina Continental Line, and was pensioned in 1818. He died in Bibb county about 1840. Chilton county is now the name of that part of Bibb county where Theophilus resided. Children: I. William; ii. Harris, married Mary Turner; iii. Gillie, married B. Forrest; iv. Julius, born 1784, married Margaret Kinnard; v. Wiley; vi. Henry; vii. Jefferson; viii. Charity, married Dempsey Hatcher; ix. Frances, born 1798, married, first, Thomas Wright; second, John Salter; x. Young G., born June 4, 1801, married Elizabeth Wright; xi. Sarah, born January 8, 1803, resides near Maplesville, Ala; xii. Elizabeth, married William Andrews.

Harris Goodwin (Theophilus) was married to Mary Turner. They resided in Tennessee and Alabama. Died in the latter State. Children: I. Warren, married Nancy Bogle (untraced); ii. Thomas, died unmarried.

Gillie Goodwin (Theophilus) was born in Edgefield, South Carolina; was married at Edgefield to B. Forrest. By occupation Mr. Forrest was a farmer and in religion a Baptist. They resided in South Carolina where they died. Forrest children: I. Jefferson; ii. Elza, married, first, _____; second, Mrs. Jane Satcher; iii. Ellen, married Jack Chapman; iv. Rebecca, married William Jester.

General Julius Goodwin (Theophilus) was born in 1784 in Edgefield, South Carolina; was married at Edgefield, to Margaret Kinnard, who was born in South Carolina. By occupation he was a farmer, in politics a Whig, and in religion a Baptist. General Julius Goodwin was twice chosen as a representative from Bibb county. He died September 5, 1848. This family is all dead except John Kinnard and Mary Ann. No data concerning any except Aquilla Miles and John Kinnard. Children: i.. Aquilla Miles, born January 20, 1813, married Rebecca S. H. Goodwin; ii. John Dinnard, married Ann Eliza Lloyd; iii. Jefferson, died unmarried; iv. Myrick, died unmarried; v. James, died unmarried; vi. Julius Pickens, married Eustatia Reid; vii. Lafayette, died unmarried; viii Mary Ann, married John W. Suttle, and resides in Centreville Ga; ix. Theophilus, died unmarried.

Aquilla Miles Goodwin (Julius, Theophilus) was born January 13, 1813, in South Carolina; was married in Bibb county, Ala, to Rebecca South Hall Goodwin, born near Macon, Ga., a daughter of Young and Martha (Andrews) Goodwin. In religion they were Methodists. They resided in Selma, Ala, where Mrs Goodwin now resides. Children: i.. M. Gertrude, married James J. Stewart; ii. Walter Young, iii. Fits Julius, married Marie Stille; iv. Margaret Mae, married John D. Wilkins.

John Kinnard Goodwin (Julius, Theophilus) was born in South Carolina; was married at Selma, Ala, to Ann Eliza Lloyd, who was born in Bibb county, Ala, a daughter of David and Martha (Goodwin) Lloyd, she a daughter of Young Goodwin. By occupation he was a merchant, in politics a Democrat, and in religion a Methodist. They reside (1897) in Selma, Ala. Children: i. M. Carlene; ii. Mary; iii. Kate Ellen, died; iv. Lillie, died; v. John, died; vi. Ernest, died; vii. Julius Aquilla; viii. William Lee David, married, first, Lottie Cooper; second Lillian _____; ix. Alice, died.

Charity Goodwin (Theophilus) was born in Edgefield, South Carolina; was married in Bibb county, Ala. To Dempsey Hatcher. By occupation he was a farmer, in politics a Democrat, and in religion a Baptist. They resided in Bibb county, Ala. Hatcher children: i. Jackson, married Mrs. _____ Lenoir; ii. Elizabeth, married _____ Lawley; iii. Rebecca, married _____ Cashat; iv. Dempsey.

Frances Goodwin (Theophilus) was born in 1798 in Edgefield, South Carolina; was married, first, to Thomas Wright, who was born in Newberry, South Carolina, a son of James and Elizabeth (Buzherdt) Wright. Frances Goodwin married, secondly, John Salter in Edgefield. Wright children: I. Henry T., married Frances Kenney; ii. Theophilus S., married Nancy Elder; iii. Julius Pickens, married, first Jane Mathens; second, Elizabeth Bolton; iv. Ann, married George Crouch. Salter children: c. _____; vi. Chariety, married _____ Crouch; vii. Margaret, died unmarried; viii. Simpson Goodwin, married Eliza Denny; ix. Larkin, died unmarried; x. Savannah, died unmarried.

Major Young G. Goodwin (Theophilus) was born June 4, 1801, in Edgefield, South Carolina; was married December 25, 1822, at Edgefield to Elizabeth Wright, was was born May 12, 1804, in Newberry, South Carolina, a daughter of James and Elizabeth (Buzherdt) Wright. By occupation he was a farmer, in politics a Democrat and in religion a Baptist. They resided in Edgefield, S.C., removing to Georgia and then to Maplesville, Chilton county, Ala., where Elizabeth died in 1865 and Major Goodwin in 1867. The initial G. in Major Goodwin's name was used by him to distinguish his name from the numerous other Young Goodwins. Children: i. Jasper Tompkins, born October 24, 1824, died in Magnolia, Ark., unmarried; ii. Ausmus Allen. Born July 17, 1826, married Mary Dickson; iii. Margaret Amanda, born October 24, 1829, married George Ferguson, and died sine prole [childless]; iv. Enoch Hays, born 1831, died young; v. Thomas Sumter, born December 5, 1833, married, first Lurana Griffin; second, Ann Griffin; third Sarah Shaver; vi. Mardis Gale, born September 13, 1835, killed in the Confederate army in 1863; vii. Marion Lee, twin with Mardis Gale; viii. Elizabeth Ellen Savannah, born 1837, died in 1847; ix. Rebecca Jane, born July 17, 1840, married John Joseph Wimbish; x. Henry Clay, born August 29, 1842, killed in battle in Virginia in 1862; ci. Mary Antoinette, October 23, 1855, married Edward Davidson Crossland; xii. Eustatia Paralee, born July 18, 1847.

Ausmus Allen Goodwin (Young G., Theophilus) was born July 17, 1826 in Edgefield, S.C.; was married in Calhoun county, Ark., to Mary Dickson. By occupation he was a carpenter, in politics a Democrat. They reside (1897) in Magnolia, Colubia county. Ark. Children: i. Alice, married Peter Baker; ii. Elfeda, married _____ Moody; iii. Minnie Eustatis, married Dr. _____ Brown; iv. Daisy.

Thomas Sumter Goodwin (Young G. Theophilus) was born December 4, 1833 in Bibb county, Ala.; was married, first, in 1859, in Bibb county, to Lurana Griffin, was was born in Bibb county, a daughter of Robert and Nancy Griffin, who died in 1862. By occupation he was a farmer, in politics a Democrat, and in religion a Baptist. They resided in Bibb county. After the death of his wife he removed to Perry county, where he was married, secondly, in 1865, to Ann Griffin, sister to his first wife, and after the death of Ann he was married, thirdly, to Sarah Shaver. Children, both by first wife: i. Laura Elizabeth, born February 22, 1860, married Issac Abercrombie, ii. Addie V. Clay, born 1862, married Jesse Sandford.

Rebecca Jane Goodwin (Young G., Theophilus) was born July 17, 1840 in Bibb county, Ala; was married in 1871 in Chilton county, Ala, by Rev. Mr. Green, to John Joseph Wimbish, who was born in Clark county, Ala., a son of James and Mary Wimbish. By occupation he was a farmer and probate judge, in politics a Democrat, and in religion a Methodist. They resided in Alabama until about 1880, when they removed to Palmetto, Fla, where Judge Wimbish died in 1895. Wimbish children: i. Mary Fredonia, born November, 1872, married Thomas M. Strickland; ii. Elizabeth Eugenia, born October, 1874, died in 1888, iii. Willie Antoinette, born October 12, 1876; iv. Ada Howthorne, born 1878; v. Maggie W., born September, 1893.

Mary Antoinette Goodwin (Young G., Theophilus) was born October 23, 1844, in Bibb county, Ala; was married October 18, 1883, at Selma, Rev. J.L. West, to Edward Davidson Crossland, who was born May 18, 1855, in Autauga county, Ala, a son of Edward D. and Elizabeth Jane (Woolley) Crossland. In politics he was a Democrat and in religion a Baptist. They resided in Selma and in (1897) East Lake, Ala. Mrs. Crossland has furnished all the data relating to the descendants of Theophilus Goodwin. Crossland children: i. Goodwin, born March 25, 1885, died in infancy; ii. Clayton Edward Ferguson, born July 25, 1886; iii. Lizziebel Mae, born October 21, 1888.

Samuel Goodwin was probably born in Virginia; was married to _____. They resided in Virginia, removing to North Carolina about 1800. It is suggested that Samuel was twice married, and that Young was a son of the first wife. Children: i. Young, born _____; married Martha Andrews; ii. Mary Anne, born May 7, 1780; married Ira Portis; iii. David, born _____; married Temperance Andrews.

Young Goodwin (Samuel) was born in North Carolina; was married to Martha (Patty) Andrews, who was born in North Carolina. By occupation he was a planter, in politics a Whig, and in religion a Baptist. They resided in Bibb county, Ala, until their deaths. Children: i. William Wyche, born February 23, 1792, married, frist Jane Sanders; second, Susan Swift; ii. Elizabeth, married, first, William Hill; second, James Reid; iii. Mary, married Richard Bird; iv. Theophilus, married, first Stacey Thompson; second, Mrs. Elizabeth (_____) Sime, and died sine prole; v. Young, married Lucy Grubbs*; vi. Emily, married Rev. Daniel M. Norwood; vii. Martha, married Rev. David Lloyd; viii. Robert, married, first Elizabeth Norvell; second, _____; third _____; ix. Nauphlet, married Mary A. Portis; † x. Turner Myrick, married Nancy E. McCary; xi. John, ‡ married Ann C. Neighbors; xii. Ann, married William Kinnard; xiii. Rebecca South Hall married Aquilla Miles Goodwin.

William Wyche Goodwin (Young, Samuel) was born February 23, 1792; was married, first Janaury 19, 1815 to Jane Sanders, who died in 1823. He was married, secondly, December 4, 1823, to Susan Swift, who was born August 25, 1802. By occupation he was a very extensive planter, and in religion a Baptist. He resided in Macon, Miss., where Susan (Swift) Goodwin died April 13, 1851. William Wyche Goodwin died October 21, 1874, in Columbus, Miss. Children by first wife: i. Nathaniel Young, born January 13, 1816; ii. Thelston, born June 29, 1818; iii. William Wyche, born April 13, 1830; iv. Jane Sanders, born May 13, 1823. Children by second wife: v. Levina, born November 12, 1824; vi. John Swift, born August 7, 1826; vii. Frances Ann, born March 12, 1829; vii. Wiley Swift, born October 20, 1831; ix. Turner Smith, born September 21, 1834; x. Martha Elizabeth, born September 21, 1837; xi. Theophilus Swift, born November 7, 1839; xii. Ernestine Amanda, born February 2, 1842; xiii. Thomas Jefferson, born October 4, 1844; xiv. George Henry, born January 20, 1847, married Mollie Benjamin Harlan.

George Henry Goodwin (William Wyche, Young, Samuel) was born January 20, 1847, in Macon, Miss.; was married in 1868 at harlan, Miss. , by J.M.Stone to Mollie Benjamin Harlan, who was born in 1853 in Harlan, a daughter of William Sims and Mary Ann (Hunter)Harlan. By occupation he was an extensive farmer, in poltics a Democrat, and in religion a Methodist. They reside (1897) in Paulette, Noxabee county, Miss. Children: i. Mary Ernestine,, born 1869, married Thomas Francis Scott; ii. Edward Eugene, born 1872, died May, 1877; iii. John Elmer, born 1875, resides in Sali, Miss.; iv. George Hunter, born 1877; v. Annie Belle, born 1880; vi. William Harlan, born 1883.

Elizabeth Goodwin (Young Samuel) was married, first, to William Hill; she was married, secondly, to James Reid. Hill children: Martha, married Resin Woolley; ii. William. Reid children: iii. Mary Ann, married William White; iv. Jane, married Dr. Samuel Randall; v. Eustatia, married Julius Pickens Goodwin; vi. Richard.

Martha Goodwin (Young, Samuel) was married to Rev. David Lloyd. By occupation he was a minister and in religion a Baptist. They resided in Alabama, moving to Mississippi, where they now (1897) reside. Lloyd children: i. Levi; ii. William; iii. Ann Eliza, married John Kinnard Goodwin; iv. Judson.

Nauphlet Goodwin (Young, Samuel) was married first, to Mary A. Portis; secondly, to Maria Henrietta Portis, her sister, both daughters of Ira and Mary Anne (Goodwin) Portis. By occupation he was a minster and in religion a Baptist. They resided in Clark county, Ala. Children, names not given.

Turner Myrick Goodwin (Young, Samuel) was born March 2, 1808 in Hancock county, Ga.; was married January 7, 1847 in Bibb county, Ala., by Rev. David Lloyd to Nacy E. McCary, who was born September 6, 1829 in Bibb county, a daughter of St. Clair and Elizabeth (Atchinson) McCary. By occupation he was a farmer, in politics a Democrat, and in religion a Baptist. They resided in Maplesville, Ala. Where Turner died October 18, 1875. Mrs. Nancy E. Goodwin has furnished almost all the data of Young Goodwin's descendants. Children: i. Martha, born September 9, 1848, died; ii. Jane E., born February 14, 1851, died; iii. Anna M., born August 21, 1854, married Dr. F. D. DuBose; iv. Jackson L., born March 10, 1857, died; v. Charles E., April 25, 1859, died; vi. Mary G. born September 8, 1867, died.

Ann Goodwin (Young, Samuel) was married to William Kinnard. By occupation he was a farmer. They resided in Bibb county, Ala., removing to Arkansas. Kinnard children: i. Theophilus; ii. Luther, married Agnes Blakey; iii. Jefferson; iv. James; v. Helen; vi. Dullina; vii. Rebecca; viii Ella.

Rebecca South Hall Goodwin (Young, Samuel) born February 11, 1816 near Macon, Ga., was married March 14, 1837 in Bibb county, Ala., by Rev. D. H. Noweood to Aquilla Miles Goodwin, who was born January 20, 1813 in Edgefield District, South Carolina, a son of Julius and Margaret (Kinnard) Goodwin, he a son of Theophilus Goodwin. By occupation he was a farmer, in politics a Whig, and in religion a Baptist. They resided in Selma, Ala., where Mrs. Rebecca S. H. Goodwin now (1897) lives. Her daughter M. Gertrude, has furnished considerable data on behalf of Mrs. Rebecca S. H. Goodwin. Goodwin children: i M. Gertrude, born May 17, 1840, married James J. Stewart; ii. Walter Young, born April 16, 1845; iii. Fitz Julius, born July 4, 1847, married Marie Stille; iv. Margaret Mae, born May 15, 1850, married John D. Wilkins.

Mary Anne Goodwin (Samuel) was born May 7, 1780, in Franklin county, Ransomsbridge, N.C.; was married October 5, 1800, in Franklin county, by Rev. Joel Rivers, to Ira Portis, who was born November 17, 1777, in Nash county, Ransomsbridge, N.C. A son of John and Sarah (Wilder) Portis, who had moved fro Isle of Wight county, Va., to Nash county, N.C. By occupation he was a farmer, in politics a Democrat, and in religion a Methodist. Portis children: i. Mary Anne, born January 13, 1807, married first Samuel McColl; second, Nauphlet Goodwin; ii. Joseph Pernelle, born November 4, 1807; married Epsy Jennings O'Neal, September 2, 1829; was a judge in Alabama; removed to Texas in 1847, and died in 1848; he was a Royal Arch Mason; iii. Solomon Wilder, born August 12, 1810; married Julia Curtis, January 10, 1828; iv. Samuel Goodwin, born October 6, 1812; married first, Rebecca Torry in 1829, and second Martha Gordon, on March 2, 1830; v. David Young, born April 5, 1814; married Rebecca Cuming February 8, 1846; was a judge in Texas when he died, in 1880; vi. Maria Henrietta, born January 10, 1812; married Nauphlet Goodwin May 6, 1831; vii. Lavinia, born November 15, 1815; died October 10, 1817; viii. John Wesley, born September 9, 1818; married Rebecca G. Rivers January 7, 1840; colonel of the Forty-second Alabama; wounded at Corinth; was in the siege of Vicksburg; surrendered and paroled by Gen U.S. Grant; lawyer and farmer; resides (1897) in Suggsville, Ala.

David Goodwin (Samuel) was married to Temperance Andrews. Perhaps David was only a half-brother to Young Goodwin and to Mary Anne (Goodwin) Portis. Children: i. Elijah, married Nancy Page; ii. Luan, married William Wilson; iii. Mary; iv. David, married Miss _____ Pounds; v. Lorrain, married _____ Carruther; vi. Temperance, married _____ Pounds; vii. Henrietta, married _____Whatley; viii. Andrew Jackson married Susan Berry.

Andrew Jackson Goodwin (David, Samuel) was married at Selma, Ala. To Susan Berry, who was born in Selma. By occupation he was a clerk, in politics a Democrat, and in religion a Baptist. They resided in Selma, Ala., where Andrew died in October, 1896. Children: i. David T., resides in Anniston, Ala; ii. James Berry, married Sally Boggs; iii. Minnie, married Issac Eskew; iv. Robert Lee; v. Andrew Jackson; vi. Curran; vii. Jasimine.

* Name also given as Stubbs
† Mary A. Portis was the daughter of Mary Anne (Goodwin) Portis, sister to Young Goodwin.  She was first married to Samuel McColl.  After her death Nauphlet married her younger sister, Maris Henrietta Portis.
‡ Wife's name also given as Ann Moore.