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Jones, C. Fenn

Note: This article first appeared in the Union-Banner, February 2nd, 1928  in "Who's Who In Clanton" and was reprinted in The Chiltonian, the newsletter of the Chilton County Historical Society and Archives, Inc. in Volume 29, Number 4 October 2009.

One of the great necessities of a good farming country such as we find around Clanton is an up-to-date hardware store.

Needless to say Clanton boast Pasture [sic] of the best and most complete hardware stores, not only in the county but in the state. It has often been said that Jones Hardware Co., carried every type [of] hardware on the market, regardless of the demand.

The credit for this business which is truly an asset to our community, belongs to Mr. C. Fenn Jones one of the founders of the business.

Mr. Jones, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Calvin Jones, was born in Coosa County December 29, 1871. His father was a native of Tennessee and his mother, who was Miss Angelina Love before her marriage, was from North Carolina.

Mr. Jones spent his youth on a farm and his schooling was received in the common schools of the county. From the ages of 22 to 27 he held a very responsible position for one so young. He occupied a place for the State of Alabama penitentiary at Wetumpka, serving in many capacities.

In 1902, Mr. Jones and Mr. W. D. Spigener came to Clanton and established the present firm of Jones Hardware Company.

In 1907 Gamble Hardware Company of Wetumpka bought an interest in the business and retained it until five years later when Mr. Jones bought out their interest and became sole owner of the business.

In 1926 Mr. Jones married his charming wife who was Mrs. Elizabeth Fuller Higgins. Both Mr. and Mrs. Jones hold a prominent place in the religious, club, and social life of Clanton.

It is interesting to note that when Mr. Jones first came to Clanton the only existing firms which were here then were Broadhead's Store, Peoples Savings Bank and W. I. Mullins who occupied the present stand of Mullins and Moore.

A good idea of the growth of Clanton may be obtained by comparing the present conditions with those 26 years ago when Mr. Jones moved here. At that time the town was a small place, undeveloped and unorganized. Stock roamed the streets at will, and the atmosphere of the town lacked hustle and bustle which today so impresses visitors to our city. Remarkable indeed are the changes that can be brought about over such a period of years, and Mr. Jones' enthusiasm over the changes impressed the writer very forcibly.

The farms throughout the county as well as Clanton in bygone days were far from progressive. Mr. Jones’ chief interest has been and still lies in assisting the farmers in developing their farms to their fullest capacity. It has been his pleasure to supplant crude farming implements of former times with the most improved implements that the times afford. Jones Hardware Company was one of the first stores in the county to introduce the cultivator.

When asked of the present and future Clanton, Mr. Jones said, "I think that Clanton is a splendid town and I believe that its growth in the next ten years will far surpass that of the past ten. With its location and territory to draw from, its extensive agricultural interests and its natural resources, we are sure to have one of the most modern towns and counties in the South."

Mr. Jones is one of Clanton's most prominent citizens. He takes an active interest in every movement for the good of his community and his faith in Clanton's future is evidenced in the fact that he has invested much money in real estate in Clanton.