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Chilton County Commissioners

Partial list of County Commissioners, originally from Chilton County and Her People.

1869A. J. Cooper, Anderson Baker Sr., G. W. Culp, F. M. Jordan
1871H. J. Callen
1872J. W. Gullahorn, T. W. Shrader
1875S. D. McCary, J. A. Mullins, D. C. Jones and Jno. B. Moore.
M. D. Pinson
1877J. C. Gardner, K. Wells, S. A. White, Moses Robinson.
1889H. W. Caffey, J. M. Ponder, James A. Stephens and J. L. Hand.
1871Anderson Baker Sr., A. J. Cooper, G. W. Culp
1892Pink M. Moore was County Commissioner from 1892 to 1894
1893Sam Pate, Alex Glasscock, E. W. Bailey, Moses Robinson
1896R. C. Riggins, J. G. Smitherman
1900W. A. Green, J. W. Sorrell
1903W. H. Conway.
1905Moses Robinson, R. P. Kendrick
1907S. E. Waldrop
1909T. G. Milling, W. T. Mahan
1911W. H. Shaw, E. J. Hayes
1914W. Y. Atchison, R. J. Williams
1917A. P. Vinson S. E. Waldrop, W. T. Herrod
1918W. T. Herrod, Moses Robinson.
1919T. J. Dorminey, D. H. Gentry
1921C. T. Walker, J. Wiley Littlejohn
1923J. M. Mims
1925J. L. Burnett
1927J. P. Bean, T. A. Maddox
1931J. E. Cobb
1933J. C. Atchison, C. D. Duke
1934H. E. Robinson
1935Howard R. Oden
1937J. Monroe Parrish, R. L. Ousley
1939J. E. Cobb, Andrew J. Davis
1941Howard Roper, Hoyt Freeman
1949Jim Dunlap, Neal Harrell

Commissioner Howard Roper of the First District died October 5, 1948, and in his stead was appointed to the office Jack Lenoir of Boat 2.

An outstanding record for public service goes to Moses Robinson, who became County Commissioner in January, 1877. With the exception of two terms he served in this capacity until 1917, a period of thirty-two years.

Chilton County and Her People
County Commissioners Minutes