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Chilton County Historical Society

The Historical Newspapers Digital Preservation Project

Original copy of the
Chilton County Courier
January 5, 1877

The Chilton County Historical Society has launched our 2022 Historical Newspapers Digital Preservation Project! This is an ambitious effort that is aimed at getting all of Chilton County's early newspapers digitized and made publically available online.

The Historical Society is a small group and this project has significant costs. Your financial help is required to accomplish our goals.

One significant goal of the project is to digitize the newspapers that never been copied in anyway and currently only exist in paper form. These must be saved as soon as possible as many of the earliest are becoming unreadable.

The good news is that, in the 1980s, the Historical Society oversaw the microfilming of almost all of the early newspapers. However, The Chilton County News was omitted and that is the main subject for this first goal.

Another goal is the newspapers that were microfilmed in the 1980s but have not been digitized. They include the oldest newspapers from the county, such as The Chilton County Courier, The Chilton County View, The Clanton Press, The Record, The Union, and others. Digitizing these will make online, searchable documents that everyone can read from home.

We have set an initial target of getting all our historical newspapers digitized up to the year 1963. Once that is achieved, and as funding allows, we will continue the digitization from the 1963 timeframe forward. This will mainly include the continued scanning of The Chilton County News paper copies and The Union-Banner microfilm and paper.

Please DONATE HERE to our project!

The Chilton County Historcal Society is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductable as allowed by law.