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April 12, 2020
2:00 pm, Sunday,
Senior Connections, Clanton
Speaker TBD
CCHS in the News
Council votes to allow clean-up of Clanton City Cemetery

Local historian will give lecture on Battle of Ebenezer Church
Fuller / Klinner / Roberts Cemetery

Survey and Photographs by Katherine and Jeff Reece

We have seen this cemetery listed by all three names, and so we use them all here. A full survey can not be done at this time due to the condition of the cemetery. But the following are all the headstones are visible. There are an estimated 30 more graves that are marked only with field rock.

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p Bailey Chambers
Born 1836
Died 1888
p G. W. Chambers
Born Oct. 28, 1851
Died Oct. 29, 1913
p Fuller Brothers
James, Johnny, Gardner
p Mrs M. Fuller
Aged 87 years
p Addie Lee Klinner
Apr 13, 1884
Dec 20, 1886
p John Henry Klinner
Dec. 18, 1885
Dec 25, 1885
p Thomas Alonza Klinner
May 22, 1897
Nov 28, 1897