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Chilton County Superintendents of Education

Note 1: During much of this time the state law did not specify when the office would be assumed after an election of a new Superintendent. Therefore the starting dates vary. Also the time of year of the election varied over time as well.

Note 2: Over the years the method of selecting a Superintendent of Education has varied between being chose by the County Board of Education or elected by a popular public vote. Those that could be determined are noted in the first column.

Note 3: The dates in bold have been extracted from old newspapers of the time.

Board21 Mar 1871James C. Scott
---L. W. Frazier (mentioned in the Courier-1875)
---1880 (1875?)3 Nov 1883 James M. Corderie
From an article in The Banner January 24, 1901, Professor Corderie dies far from home … died 14th of fever at Garland County, Ark.
On November 8, 1883, The Chilton View carried the following article: "Prof J. M. Corderie, our worthy Supt. of Education completed his final settlement on last Saturday, by turning over to Prof Acree, his successor the balance of school funds in his hands, together with the official books and etc. Between 30 and 40 thousand dollars of school funds have passed through his hands during his long term of service. So careful had he been with the business office that not a single jar or word of contention arose in the long settlement. An honest man is the noblest work of God. May the rewards of good conscious bless and comfort him in his declining years.”
The Chilton Review on September 6, 1883 had that Prof. Corderie has served as Supt. of Education for eight years.
---3 Nov 18831887?W. U. Acree
On November 8, 1883, The Chilton View carried an article that Prof. Acree has been named Supt. of Education.
---1888?1891?Richard Eural Randolph (R. E. R.) Hicks
---1892Oct 1898J. W. Moore
PopularOct 18989 Aug 1900 EJudson Strock
Popular9 Aug 1900 E1 Oct 1913J. W. Moore
Popular1 Oct 19131 Oct 1919W. T. Bean
Board1 Oct 19191 Oct 1925Howard L. Foshee
Board1 Jul 19251 Jul 1933Buford Lawrence
Popular1 Jul 19331938Luther Little
In 1938 Luther Little withdrew from the Superintendent's race because of another job. In 1938 he presided over a session of Alabama Educational Association in Birmingham. Then in February 1939 he became assistance to the President of Howard (now Samford) College.
Popular29 Dec 19389 Nov 1942Rascoe Maddox
Popular9 Nov 194220 Jun 1946Delos P. Culp
Apptd/Poplr20 Jun 1946Jun 1958Howard Boockholdt
Bookholdt was appointed in June 1946 to fill the rest of the term of Culp, who was appointed to be State Supervisor of school bus operations. Bookholdt was elected in August for the next term.
PopularJun 19581 Jul 1961W. A. (Bing) LeCroy
(On July 1, 1961, W. A. LeCroy was appointed State Superintendent)
Apptd/Poplr1 Jul 19611974Gordon Conway
---19741978L. C. Shields
---19781983Don Finlayson
---19831991Frank Daniel
---19911995Don Hand
---19952003Frank Daniel
---20032007Mildred Ellison
---20072011Keith Moore
---20112015Dave Hayden
---20152019Tommy Glasscock
---2019-Jason Griffin
Source: Old Schools of Chilton County Alabama, by Lorene Lecroy, 1997, with details, some dates, and subsequent superintendents added.