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Baker (Chilton) County Commissioners Court Minutes

This page provides links to images of the one known book of Baker (Chilton) County Commissioner's Court Minutes. The transcriptions by Derric Scott, 2023.

There is only one known book, Book #1, 1870-1878.
It seems likely that there would have been a book for the 1869 year (there is at least one reference to 1869 Commissioners' meetings). However, the original, log, courthouse burned the night of March 5, 1870 and, if any earlier books existed, they may have been lost in the fire. This books starts with the March 21, 1870 meeting, a few weeks after the fire.

Baker County Commissioner Court Minutes, Book 1, full transcription, entire book on one page.

Baker County
Commissioner Court Minutes
Book 1
1870 PDF Transcription
1871 PDF Transcription
1872 PDF Transcription
1873 PDF Transcription
1874 PDF Transcription
1875 PDF Transcription
1876 PDF Transcription
1877 PDF Transcription
1878 PDF Transcription