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Index to CC Map Book 3 - image from the original book 000a
Index to CC Map Book 3 - image from the copy book 000
Map of Clanton, in four parts, 1911. Stored in a paste board cylinder
in the back vault of the Probate Court. Found. Aug. 1953.
not in book
Town of Maplesville 1 Mar 11, 1950
W. W. Earnest Addition to Town of Maplesville 2
Lakeview Heights, Clanton 3
Minnie Foshee Lot - (Dr. Ed Day) Maplesville 4
Highland View, Clanton 5
Federal Project-No. F.G.I. - l00 (6) - Overpass at Mt. Creek 6 6a 6b 6c
Project R/W - S-463 Shelby-Chilton Co., Montevallo to Wessington 8 8a 8b 8c
Gravel Beach Subdivision, Cargile Creek 9
Project 326 - B, Isabella Road 10 10a
Dixie Wilson Fishing Camp - Subdivision No. l 11-A
Dixie Wilson Fishing Camp - Subdivision No. 2 11-B
SACP 374-A Clanton-Enterprise Road. 12 12a 12b 12c 12d
J. W. Cagle Addition - Revised 13
Mountain Creek Baptist Church Cemetery 14
Walnut Creek Camp 15
C. N. Parnell Subdivision 16
Mountain Branch Subdivision (McKee Lumber Co.) 17
K. C. Cobern Lots 18
Cove Branch Subdivision (McKee Lumber Co.) 19
SACP 3104-A & B - Right-of-Way Map, Near Thorsby 21 21a 21b
Highway Map, Clanton-Kincheon SACP 3124-A 22-3 22-3a 22-3b 22-3c
Outlot C - Thorsby, Ala. (W. H. Strickland) 25
Maplesville Underpass, Highway No. 82 27 27a
Right-of-Way Map SACP 326-C, Chilton County 29 29a 29b
Mountain Creek-Cooper Hwy - FI-100 (7), Chilton County 31 31a 31b 31c 31d 31e
Morgan-Reynolds Addition 35
Macedonia Church to Bibb County Line 36
Maintenance Project - From Gas Plant-Autauga Co. 37
SACP - 3118-B Chilton County 39 39a
S. Z. Ezell Addition 40
The Jones Road 41
Right-of-Way Map SACP 3126-A (Mars Hill) 42 42a
Property of Thomas J. Beall, Jr. 44
Right-of-Way Map SACP 325-C (Min Spg School - Lay Dam Rd) 45 45a
Jemison to Mars Hill 46
The Pinedale Road 47 47a 47b
Right-of-Way SACP 3-2 48 48a
The Pickett Subdivision of the Lodge Place, Lomax 50 50b
Joseph J. Mullins Addition 51 5/5/1948
Chilton & Coosa Counties, R/W Map Project No. S-304-C (Highway 22 east) 52
Supplement to Pinedale Road 53
W. A. Kemp Addition 20 Clanton 55
Providence Church Road Right-of-Way Map County Project No. l-l 56 56a 56b
Tom Littlejohn Road. Right-of-Way Map Chilton Project No. 4-2 57 57a
lsabella Road Right-of-Way Map County Project No. 2-l 58 58a 58b
Spratt Road Right-of-Way Map County Project No. 3145-A 59 59a 59b
Higgins Industrial Addition 62
Rosedale Addition, Clanton, Ala. 65
J. M. Dunlap Subdivision 66
Revision of Right of Way Map on Page 63-64 67
Right-of-Way Map SACP 3155-A (Cooper to Enterprise) 69 69a 69b 69c
Clanton Division of Alabama Mills, Inc. 71
Revision of Map Project No. 3155-A 72
SACP 3144-A 73 73a 73b
S-781 (1) & S-781 (2) (Collins Chapel Thorsby) 74 74a 74b 74c 74d 74e 74f 74g 74h 74i
Harold H. Smyer Addition 75
Raylon E. Crew & Mrs Lilly Ruth Crew 76
Verbena Cemetery 77
Gore's Greenacres No. 1 78
Right-of-Way Map SACP 3201-A Chilton County 79 79a
Extension of SACP 3152-A Chilton County 80
Right-of-Way Map SACP 326-D Chilton County 81 81a
Right-of-Way Map SACP 3185-A Chilton County 82 82a 82b
Ala. State Highway Dept. Proj. No. FFI.100 (8) Clanton By-Pass 83
Plump Addition (Clanton) 85
J. W. Cagle Addition (Revised) 87
Sawmill Branch Subdivision 89
Right-of-Way Map SACP 374 - C Chilton County 90 90a 90b 90c 90d 90e
Right-of-Way Map S-781 (2) Revised Chilton County 91 91a
Right-of-Way Map, Clanton-Wilsonville Road 92 92a 92b 92c 92d 92e 92f 92g 92h 92i 92j
Right-of-Way Map SACP 3213-A 93 93a 93b 93c 93d
Right-of-Way Map SACP 374-B Extension 94 94a
Hadhisway Farm Property of Jim Jones 96
Sawmill Branch Property of Jim Jones 97
Supplement to R/W Map SACP 3103-A Recorded in Map Book 2, Page 129.
Ala. State Highway Department RoW Map Proj No. 1-202-2 (2) Chilton County 98 98a 98b 98c 98d 98e 98f 98g 98h 98i
Ala. State Highway Department RoW Map Proj F S-825 (2) Chilton &
Bibb Counties, Maplesville to Randolph
100 8/28/1957
Maplesville Heights 101 7/4/1957
Right-of-Way Map SACP 3212-A Chilton County 102a 102a 103 103a 103b 103c